Your Experience

Combining three modalities of Reiki, Amethyst Biomat and Affirmative Prayer into a single, one-hour session will leave you feeling energized, calm and centered. The heat and deep penetrating far infrared rays of the BioMat will allow mild body pain to be relieved. The Reiki energy that is shared at the same time as being on the mat magnifies the healing abilities that we all naturally carry when in the right frame of mind. Taking an hour for yourself also allows the soul to regenerate. Your own personal Affirmative Prayer to round out your session allows everything to sink in and leave you at total peace.

Payment for Service

A Love Offering donation is the preferred method of payment for services.

What is a love offering donation?

An amount of money given for services that are rendered based on your ability. As a love offering based practice,
I only ask for what you feel the time and effort is worth during your time with me.
Because Florida has not passed its own Safe Harbor Exemption Bill, I can only donate my services.

REIKI and BioMat Therapy are a love offering of no more than $60.